Sue Chew works tirelessly to represent you in the Legislature. She listens to her community and has a proven record of effective public service. Please join me in supporting Sue’s reelection.

Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus

Sue values her community. She empowers ordinary citizens to become involved in the decisions that directly affect them. I know because I am one of those individuals. We need to keep Sue in the legislature because the work she does is important to us all.

Elaine Ladd, PharmD, BCPS - Owner, Ladd Family Pharmacy, 2010 ISHP Idaho Pharmacist of the Year

Sue Chew is one of the most thoughtful and compassionate legislators I have ever met. She is at a multitude of community activities and is always learning and improving things. She is one of the best informed legislators on health care reform. Sue is hard working and dedicated to helping make Idaho a better place to live and work. I recommend and endorse her without reservation.

Ted Epperly, MD - Program Director and CEO, Family Medicine Residency of Idaho

I have had the great privilege and opportunity to work with one of the strongest fighters for Democratic issues in Idaho , Representative Sue Chew. She cares deeply for a strong Idaho economy, good funding for education and an ethical government for the people. Please support Sue in the May Primary and November General election, she will continue to be a fighting voice for democrats in the Legislature.

Morgan Hill Jr. - President, Idaho Young Democrats; Chief of Staff, Idaho House Minority

I have worked with Representative Sue Chew during the last few years in an effort to improve education and health care for all Idaho citizens. Sue is a committed individual with a passion for making life better for the people she represents. She is willing to tackle some tough, politically sensitive issues that others avoid, like improving health care. Having spent over twenty-five years working with insurance and managing employee benefits myself, it is reassuring to find a legislator willing to listen to the concerns of citizens impacted by dramatic increases in medical cost, costs that are often shifted to those least able to pay. I support her reelection efforts and encourage others in the legislature to engage in work that will improve both education and health care for Idaho citizens.

Jim Stark

Because Rep. Sue Chew understands and works for the aspirations we have for our communities and state I stand strongly behind Sue’s efforts to return to our state legislature. Sue knows first hand our need for affordable, effective health care for all our citizens. She works for the common and excellent public education we desire for all children and young people in our communities. Sue understands our aspirations because she is out in our community participating in our community events.

Reverend Ed Keener - Board Member, Interfaith Sanctuary Homeless Shelter, Interfaith Alliance, Kessler-Keener Lectures

I am impressed and encouraged by Sue Chew’s ability to communicate with a variety of individuals about the issues that are important to Idaho. She has the ability to be assertive and stand up for under-represented groups, but do it in a way that people with diverse points of view can hear. Sue’s voice of reason is precisely what we need in the legislature now.

Heidi Reeder, Ph.D - Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Boise State University; 2007 Carnegie Foundation Idaho Professor of the Year